Policy Design and Implementation

We want to link networks of local, national, regional and international organisations with a stake in sustainable agriculture and food production in East and Southern Africa.

In collaboration with these stakeholders, we aim to use the evidence developed in our research and modelling to design new policies that will enable climate-smart and sustainable agricultural development.

These policies will be piloted in Special Agricultural Zones (SAZs) in Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia, with the results evaluated and fed back into further policy design.

The SAZs will be designed by committees composed of key stakeholders from within each country. Each SAZ will be designed according to the priorities of that country or locality, with locations selected to ensure they have the right agro-ecological and socio-economic characteristics so as to be representative of the national agricultural sector or priority components. This will ensure that results from the pilot policies are more widely applicable at national level.

The committees will develop policy pathways and SAZ implementation plans, and establish climate-smart agriculture pilots and monitoring systems for each SAZ. The evidence generated will feed back to the SAZ committees for monitoring and evaluation and to inform subsequent policy refinement.

We will also analyse the results of the pilots across all four countries, to identify any common areas of climate-smart agricultural development that would be applicable not just within one country, but to Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole.



Theme Leads

  • Claire Quinn, University of Leeds
  • Rob Bailey, Chatham House
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#AFRICAP seminar coming up next Weds 27 Feb @ 1pm GMT, Roger Stevens LT19. Join guest speaker Dr Andrew Coulson as he discusses the role of agriculture in economic transformation. Webinar registration: https://t.co/witVRrDVHc @FANRPAN @UniLeedsGlobal @SEELeeds @ScienceLeeds

Looking forward to this #InternationalWomensDay2019 event on 'Women and Power' run by @FoodSciLeeds and featuring #africap co-I, @yunyungong among others... #WomeninLeadership #WomenInScience

Looking forward to this #InternationalWomensDay2019 event on 'Women and Power' run by @FoodSciLeeds and featuring #africap co-I, @yunyungong among others... #WomeninLeadership #WomenInScience
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This year we are proud to host an International Women's Day event, taking place in Worsley Dental on Friday 8th March.