The Food, Agriculture Policy Analysis Network and the University of Leeds are pleased to invite you to a GCRF-AFRICAP knowledge-sharing seminar / webinar:

Methodological Approaches in the Agricultural and Food-system Resilience: Increasing Capacity and Advising Policy Programme

Date: 30 January 2018 | Time: 1:00PM GMT | Duration: 90 MIN
For  in person participation: University of Leeds Worsley Seminar Room 9.51.

For Online participation Register Here

Description of the webinar

Household Surveys
Household surveys are often the primary source of socio-economic data used by decision makers to make informed decisions and monitor national development plans and the SDGs. However, household surveys continue to suffer from low quality and limited cross-country comparability. Dr Harriet Smith and Dr Joseph Galani GCRF-AFRICAP Research Fellows at the University of Leeds will present on the development and design of the GCRF-AFRICAP household vulnerability survey which has been piloted in Malawi and is due to be implemented in the programme’s four focal countries (Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia) this year.

Climate Change Models
Knowledge about future climate provides valuable insights into how the challenges posed by climate change and variability can be addressed. Climate modelling is a key tool in tackling the effects of climate change. Dr SarahChapman Research Fellows at the University of Leeds will present on the performance of climate models in representing average and extreme rainfall in Tanzania, and the use of satellite data for model validation. Dr Chapman will be addressing the challenges related to data availability in climate modelling.

This webinar gives a platform to GCRF-AFRICAP team members across all partner organisations to present their work and discuss cross-cutting issues related to implementation. It is open to audiences interested in development research and climate change.

Our first seminar/webinar features speakers Dr Harriet Smith, Dr Joseph Galani and Dr Sarah Chapman, GCRF-AFRICAP Research Fellows at the University of Leeds

Overview of the GCRF-AFRICAP Programme
GCRF-AFRICAP is a major programme to make agriculture and food production in sub-Saharan Africa more productive, sustainable and resilient to climate change. Working with local organisations and governments in Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia, we are creating an evidence base to underpin new country-specific policies in agriculture and food production

We would welcome questions submitted in advance. For further information on GCRF-AFRICAP, please visit our website:

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