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Starting from the Soil: Climate-Smart Agriculture as Route to Building Climate Resilience in African Food Systems

The ability to grow crops to provide food for your family, or for sale, depends directly on soil health – the ability of soils to retain water and to supply the essential nutrients required for plant growth and human nutrition. However, with increasing pressures from a growing population, intensive agricultural practices and climate change, soil …

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Forecasting crop pest migrations to improve control efficiency

Migratory crop pests such as desert locusts, fall armyworms and red-billed queleas are threatening food security across Africa. Both commercial and subsistence farmers can suffer huge losses, but so far, years of work has not yet managed to curtail the impacts of migratory pests. Unfortunately their combination of high mobility and high abundance due to …

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Food Systems and COP26

Stephen Whitfield attended COP26 and presented his ideas on transformation on food systems. In this excerpt from an article originally published on the University of Leeds site, he highlights the work done in this field and the long road ahead: Agriculture has risen the UNFCCC agenda in recent years, perhaps catalysed, to some extent, by …

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