Training and Capacity Building

Theme Lead

Helen Coskeran – University of Leeds

Theme Overview

Training, capacity building and knowledge-sharing are central components of the AFRICAP programme, ensuring our impact extends beyond the lifetime of our grant. Through training programmes and research and innovation (R&I) development, this theme is designed to help our partners adapt their structure and support systems in order to effectively attract and manage global challenge projects like ours. The University of Leeds has invested £100K of pump priming within GCRF-AFRICAP to aid this process.


AFRICAP is providing opportunities across the programme consortium to improve individual, organisational and institutional capacity in agri-food system resilience.


  • Two-year Cheney fellowship awarded to the programme manager at lead partner FANRPAN
  • A joint fellowship programme in policy leadership hosted at Chatham House for team members from Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia


  • A suite of activities is being implemented with the four country node organisations to enhance organisational capacity in areas such as strategy development and resource mobilisation.
  • National meteorological agencies in the focal countries are engaging with UK Met Office colleagues to share data and knowledge in evaluating climate models and testing code.


  • GCRF-AFRICAP’s policy design and implementation theme affords partner organisations based in DAC-listed countries the opportunity to engage with high-level stakeholders in agriculture, food security and nutrition circles.
  • We are working across the consortium to ‘change the rules of the game’ of ODA research in UK higher education institutions by increasing institutional capacity to attract grants of this size and nature. The AFRICAP team has already secured several further awards as a result of these efforts.

The AFRICAP knowledge-sharing seminar series launched in January 2019 and offers the opportunity to team members and external speakers to share relevant research across our broader network.

For more information on upcoming and previous seminars, please visit our events page.


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