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AFRICAP in South Africa is being co-ordinated by the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC), a strategic body concerned with ensuring fair market access for all and enhancing the viability of the country’s agricultural sector.

Our social and ecological research across South Africa will provide evidence on the contrasts and inter-linkage between smallholder and large commercial agricultural sectors, and the impact of national and provincial policy interventions on climate-smart agricultural production methods, crop and livestock production, income streams, diets and nutrition.

These include:

  • National Development Plan – Vision 2013 (Chapter 5)
  • South African National Climate Change Response Policy
  • National Resources Management Policy
  • Disaster Management Act
  • Drought Management Policy
  • National Climate Change Response Green Paper, and
  • Climate Change Bill

AFRICAP in South Africa builds on existing research partnerships between the University of Leeds, the NAMC, and food and agricultural researchers at the Stellenbosch University, the University of the Free State, and the University of Pretoria’s Centre of Excellence in Food Security.

Our work will include:

  • Running scenarios workshops to assist in agricultural sector planning
  • Ecological and socio-economic research examining the role of farm size and capital access on climate-smart management, production and diets
  • Linking to and building upon existing policy experiments in South Africa’s Special Economic Zone and AgriPark initiatives
  • Developing and disseminating research outputs through field research, modelling and science-policy dialogue

AFRICAP will focus in South Africa on the contrasts and interactions (flows of materials, organisms, incomes and food) between neighbouring large and small farms. This is both of direct interest and serves as a model for the wider agricultural economy of the country. The work will focus on the uptake and effectiveness of climate-smart practices in these two contrasting agricultural sectors. Results will be used to help develop models to predict the dynamics and resilience of South African agriculture in the face of future climate change.



Country Coordinators:

Bill Kunin, University of Leeds

Country Node:

Bonani Nyhodo, NAMC



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