Crop Breeding and Seed Systems for Climate Change Adaptation in Zambia and South Africa

A focus of GCRF-AFRICAP work in Zambia and South Africa aims to link in-country expertise in seed systems – including organisations involved in crop improvement research, the marketing and delivery of improved varieties, and agricultural extension – with climate change impacts research.

The aim of this work will be (1) to evaluate technological crop breeding capabilities and seed system processes for improving resilience to projected climate change-related stresses in maize, rice and soybean (and potentially other crops if there is demand); and (2) to work with crop breeders and seed systems representative to improve access to relevant and appropriate climate information.

As part of this work, we would be very interested in working with organisations involved in seed systems and the development of improved crop varieties in Zambia and South Africa. It is our hope that we would be able to work with you to generate information and learning that is useful in your work and that can be the basis on ongoing collaboration, where possible.