On 27 February 2019, we were delighted to welcome Dr Andrew Coulson who led our second knowledge-sharing event at the University of Leeds. With 40 students and staff in the room and webinar participants from 13 countries, Andrew introduced his recent book (co-authored by Antony Ellman and Emmanuel Mbiha), Increasing Production from the Land: A Sourcebook on Agriculture for Teachers and Students in East Africa and compared and contrasted it to work carried out by John Mellor in this area. A Q&A session followed with participation from both our live and online audience.

For those who missed out, you can download the slides from the presentation and watch the webinar recording. We ran out of time to address some of the questions raised by our webinar participants, so Andrew kindly made this follow-up video in which he discusses those issues.

As always, please get in touch with any feedback or to find out more about the programme.

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