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AFRICAP in Zambia is being coordinated by the Agricultural Consultative Forum (ACF), a Zambian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that provides a stakeholder platform for agricultural policy dialogue and fostering of public-private partnerships in Zambia’s agricultural sector.

The University of Leeds and the UK Met Office are collaborating with ACF and the University of Zambia on a number of research projects and areas of work.

These include:

  • Assessments of agricultural and food system development pathways to 2050, through scenario development workshops and the use of state-of-the-art food systems, land use and climate models
  • Joint work between in-country experts in crop breeding/seed systems and climate scientists: (a) to evaluate technological crop breeding capabilities and seed system processes for improving resilience to projected climate change-related stresses in maize, rice, cassava and soybean (and potentially other crops if there is demand) and; (b) to improve access to relevant and appropriate climate information for crop breeding and seed development and dissemination
  • The development of forecasting tools and climate services associated with extreme events
  • A UK PhD scholarship for a Zambian national focusing on the dietary and livelihoods implications of transitions to increased soya production

Further priorities for AFRICAP in Zambia will be agreed with local stakeholders at the project launch event, Further priorities for AFRICAP in Zambia will be agreed with local stakeholders at the project launch event, which takes place in Lusaka on Tuesday 25th September



Country Coordinator:

Stephen Whitfield, University of Leeds

Country Node:

Christian Chomba, ACF



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