Muheza District, Tanga Region

23-25th August 2021

Tanga Regional Commissioner’s Office

Following the request made by Muheza District during the ESRF-coordinated study tour held 15-21st March 2020 in Lushoto and Muheza districts, a team of Consultants from Tanzania Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance (TCSAA) – Mrs. Shakwaanande Natai, Mr. Stephano Kingazi and Ms. Agatha Kiama – arrived at Tanga Regional Office on 23 August 2021 for a courtesy call to the Regional Administrative Secretary and to launch the Muheza Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance (MCSAA) in Muheza District.

The team was welcomed by the Secretary, Mr. Sebastian Masanja, who was briefed about the AFRICAP project and its activities from 2018 to date; including the establishment of the MCSAA at Muheza District to be implemented in the coming months.

The Secretary was happy with the request from Muheza District and the positive response from the AFRICAP project, granting permission to proceed with the exercise. Thereafter, the team met with a regional group of experts from Agriculture and Natural Resource/Forestry regarding potential stakeholders to be involved in the Muheza CSA Alliance.

Muheza District Council

The team then proceeded to Muheza District for the exercise; paying a courtesy call to the District Executive Director. The team was as welcomed by the Ag. Drector , Mr. Godhelp Ringo, who highlighted the importance of ensuring that the Council is aware of expected activities. At a Finance Committee meeting that same day, the Council Chairperson granted permission to proceed having heard a brief description of the AFRICAP project and activities. An office space was also provided for the Alliance.

The team also met with the District Community Development Officer, Ms. Vije Mfaume Ndwanga, for initial planning of the MCSAA to be developed. She provided her insight and cooperation on the matter, and promised to support the registration process; sharing the different requirements for registering community based organizations as well as examples of constitutions of already-registered organizations.

Council members

Stakeholder Mapping Activity

The team proceeded with the activity with five (5) members from Muheza District Council, two (2) representatives from Lushoto CSA Alliance and one (1) representative from the Regional Secretariat Office to the Stakeholders’ Mapping Activity as a core team of eleven (11) people to establish the MCSAA.

The exercise started with a presentation of the challenges posed by an unsustainable CSA Alliance and the four (4) steps required to establish and run more robust and sustainable CSA alliances. Thereafter, the team began to identify and verify the list of potential stakeholders to be considered as members of the MCSAA.