AFRICAP Supports #ClimateShot’s Agricultural Innovation Agenda

Climate change has led to higher temperatures and inconsistent rainfall. This has severely impacted the food systems, which has resulted in increased food insecurity and has widened the economic divide. Current solutions to mitigating climate change through the agricultural and food sectors get us less than halfway to reaching the Paris climate goals. To fight climate change and its effects on nature, this campaign is developing a Global Action Agenda for Innovation in Agriculture — aka the #ClimateShot – to close the innovation gap and transform food systems for a climate-smart world.

iFEED in a nutshell

AFRICAP is proud to be associated with this initiative. Through this programme, funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund and led by the University of Leeds, iFEED was developed to make agriculture and food production in sub-Saharan Africa more productive, sustainable and resilient to climate change.

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