New video: iFEED Champions & Researchers on why it’s valuable and timely

The integrated Future Estimator for Emissions and Diets (iFEED) is a key output of the AFRICAP programme. It provides integrated evidence to shape policies towards climate smart nutrition security in Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. As well as looking at future food production, iFEED includes modelling of emissions, climate extremes and trade and nutrition analysis. This is supplemented by expert knowledge to nuance conclusions and ensure that no important areas are missing from iFEED.

Since mid-2021, we have been honoured to engage national champions in each of the AFRICAP focal countries, as well as a regional iFEED champion. The champions are experts and senior decision-makers in the agri-food sphere and are instrumental in sharing the tool and its benefits with stakeholders. In this latest video, the Champions and AFRICAP researchers share their views on why iFEED is valuable and timely and how it encapsulates multiple factors – alongside climate change – that policymakers should take into consideration while making decisions for future. 

For more on the development of iFEED see this expert view piece by Dr Stewart Jennings of the University of Leeds.

Further information on iFEED: