New Publication: Innovation systems and affordances in climate-smart agriculture

Significant international investment and effort are put into delivering benefits to smallholder farmers through climate-smart agriculture (CSA) interventions. However, there is a poor understanding of how smallholder farmers access beneficial outcomes from changes in agricultural practices beyond narrow and simplistic metrics, such as adoption rates and yield increases. Furthermore, binary notions of adopters and non-adopters …

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Improving soil health through CSA: Webinar recap, recording and slides

Efforts to meet the growing demand for food across sub-Saharan Africa has led to unsustainable land management practices, causing soil degradation and weakening agricultural systems. Soil health is key to building climate resilience and can be improved through a range of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices. Held virtually on 23 February 2021, GCRF-AFRICAP’s latest research seminar, …

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As climate changes, Tanzanian farmers switch to smart production practices

Farmers are already taking the initiative to adapt to climate change even before the implementation of climate adaptation programmes. Findings from GCRF-AFRICAP research recognised that farmers from Muheza District in Tanzania are using diverse and innovative farming practices.